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Please try downloading version 1.5.1 or later and sync using the Chia Blockchain software.


Download The Database

This service has been retired due to high operating costs. Chia Blockchain version 1.5.1 should sync much faster than previous versions. Please try syncing from the latest version instead.

Check back later for updates...


Frequently Asked Questions

It cost too much to provide the bandwidth necessary to cover the volume of downloads. Chia 1.5.1 is supposed to improve syncing, hopefully to the point where a service like this is no longer necessary. Given these two factors, we decided to stop running this service. Thank you for your interest.

To install the blockchain database, make sure all Chia processes are stopped (run chia stop all -d). Then, unzip the file to the Chia db directory.

The default database location is:

  • Windows – C:\Users\%USERNAME%\.chia\mainnet\db\
  • Linux/MacOS – ~/.chia/mainnet/db

The file must be named blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite.

After unzipping the file, start the Chia node (chia start node). Finally, run chia show -sc and check the peak block height to make sure the database is recognized.

No, sorry. Please upgrade to 1.3.0 or greater. It is stable, faster, and has more features than previous versions.

We created this file by syncing the Chia blockchain from the beginning, using Chia version 1.3.4. We keep it updated using official Chia software, and make no outside modifications to the database whatsoever.

We encourage anyone to audit it or check it regularly for abnormalities. If unsure, sync from the beginning our use our download temporarily until you can fully sync your own copy.

We also provide the SHA-256 hash of the uncompressed file which can be used to verify the integrity of the file you downloaded.

TLDR; Yes, we think you can trust this file.

A hash is used to verify the integrity of the file downloaded, by making sure that the downloaded version is exactly the same as the source.

Our system computes a hash of the database file prior to compressing it. After uploading the files to storage, the hash is then transmitted to this web page, which is hosted on a different server.

On MacOS or Linux, you can verify the files with the following command:
sha256sum blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite

The output should read:

c94814a98cf346684f20be7700b23d9d8511a28b1a8fa1c7fa044ea0665daf57    blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Not at this time. Torrents are great, but we don't have the resources to seed a new file from multiple locations every day. We currently use DreamHost DreamObjects for file storage and download hosting. We hope to offer more download options if this service gains popularity


Help cover hosting and bandwidth costs. If you found our service useful and would like to contribute, XCH donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Send XCH to: xch13hh7npm9644ekz66h5eqeudf5hspkn0xgqjx4arx3t5js4k4tsastygpem


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