Pre-Synced Chia Blockchain Database Download Service is a trusted pre-synced Chia database download service that helps both new and experienced farmers with the process of running a full node.
Our service saves you several weeks of synchronization time and provides a hassle-free experience.

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Download : blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite (.zip) [61.0 GB]

Last database update :

Multi-Threaded File Downloader
Download : MultiThreadedDownloader (Windows) [6.60 MB]

sudo yum install wget -y
sudo wget
sudo chmod +x MultiThreadedDownloader && sudo ./MultiThreadedDownloader
sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get install wget -y
sudo wget
sudo chmod +x MultiThreadedDownloader && sudo ./MultiThreadedDownloader

*Multi-Threaded File Downloader is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 8 times

Multi-threaded file downloader is faster than a single-threaded downloader because it uses multiple threads to download different parts of the file simultaneously. In a single-threaded downloader, the file is downloaded sequentially, one piece at a time, which can take a long time if the file is large.

With multi-threading, the file is split into several smaller parts, and each part is downloaded by a separate thread. Each thread operates independently, and multiple threads can download parts of the file simultaneously, which makes the download process much faster.

By dividing the file into smaller parts, the download speed is improved as multiple threads can be used to download different parts of the file concurrently. This approach utilizes the available bandwidth to the maximum, thus improving the download speed.

When you download an executable file (i.e., a file with the .exe extension) from a website, your web browser may display a warning message saying that "File is not commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust file before you open it." This warning message is a security feature designed to protect your computer from potential malware or viruses that may be embedded in the downloaded file.

Web browsers typically maintain a list of commonly downloaded file types, When you download a file that is not on this list, such as an executable file, the browser may display the warning message to alert you that the file is potentially risky.

Multi-Threaded File Downloader was developed recently. Don't worry, it's possible for files to become commonly downloaded over time. If a file is downloaded frequently and used without any problems, your browser may eventually recognize it as safe, and you may no longer see the warning message.

What was the motivation behind the creation of this service?

I built this service with the intention of helping both new and experienced farmers with the process of running a Full node. For new farmers, starting out with synchronizing their blockchain database from the beginning to the current state can be a daunting task. Meanwhile, experienced farmers who have encountered database corruption may face various issues such as abrupt data writing, power failures, faulty software interfacing with the database, and more. In these cases, it becomes crucial to erase the damaged database and restart the synchronization process from the beginning. However, this process can take several weeks to complete.

Why is Chia Full Node Syncing So Slow?

There are several reasons why blockchain database sync can be slow:

  • Size of the Blockchain: Blockchain databases can grow very large over time, and syncing the entire chain can take a long time, especially for new nodes joining the network. For example, the Bitcoin blockchain is currently over 350 GB in size, and Ethereum's is over 1 TB.
  • Network Latency: The blockchain network's speed can affect how quickly new blocks are propagated throughout the network. If there is a lot of network congestion, it can take longer for new blocks to be broadcasted and validated, slowing down the sync process.
  • Resource Limitations: Blockchain nodes require significant processing power, memory, and storage capacity to keep up with the network's demands. If the node is running on underpowered hardware or insufficient bandwidth, the sync process will be slower.
  • Validation Process: Each node must validate each transaction in every block before adding it to their copy of the blockchain. This process requires a lot of computational resources and can slow down the syncing process.

How to speed up Chia Full Node sync

A quicker solution would be to utilize a backup snapshot of the database file.

Downloading a pre-synced database is a method to speed up the blockchain synchronization process by obtaining a copy of the blockchain data that has already been synced by another node or by a trusted third party.

Instead of starting the synchronization process from scratch, which can take a significant amount of time and resources, the pre-synced database can be downloaded and used as a starting point for the node's own blockchain database.

Pre-synced databases are typically made available by the blockchain project itself or by trusted third-party providers, such as exchanges or other large nodes that have already synced the blockchain data.

Using a pre-synced database can significantly reduce the time required to sync the blockchain, especially for nodes that are joining the network for the first time.

It is important to note that downloading a pre-synced database comes with some risks, such as the possibility of downloading a database that has been tampered with or contains malicious data. Therefore, it is important to download pre-synced databases from trusted sources and to verify the integrity of the data before using it.

How to Install Chia Database.

1.Make sure you stop all Chia processes first

2.Unzip ""

3.Copy "blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite" file to the following folder
  macOS/Linux/Ubuntu : "~/.chia/mainnet/db/"
  Windows : "C:\Users\%username%\.chia\mainnet\db"

4.Start the Chia app again, and be amazed that it works perfectly!